Welcome to OMAYA HERBS

The place where we share ancient secrets for woman’s healthier, more joyful and satisfying life!

Our Story

It all started with the awareness how unhappy and unsatisfied women feel nowadays. We often get confused by all the requirements the society places on us – what kind of person we have to be, what kind of professional, how we should look like… the list goes on (the same also applies for men, by the way). The result is that we, trying to satisfy all the expectations upon us, too often lose ourselves by no longer knowing who we are and what our souls really long for. This disconnectedness often shows up in symptoms like fatigue, anxiety, bowel discomfort, PMS , etc, that don’t have any reasonable (medical) explanation and we accept them as normal and just get used to live with them!

We felt that these could not be normal and we should not put up with this constant discomfort in our lives. We started looking for answers and when we couldn’t find them in the modern medicine we went…

Back to the roots

Omaya Herbs originates from Bulgaria, the land of Thracian Kings and a home to more than 700 different healing plants. As we are strong believers that Nature has all the answers and all we need to do is to tune in and to listen carefully, we turned to the Thracian women’s ancient wisdom of living as one with Nature.

We want to share a peace of this wisdom with you with our teas inspired by Thracian women and our blog posts, telling stories from the Thracian valley. Our collection of teas targets some of the most common “undiagnosable” problems, helping to sooth them all naturally and to align your body, mind and soul so they become one again.

Our aim is to help you move closer to a life, filled with more ease and pleasure, to your true self!

Our Promise


  • We use only herbs, that have been grown and harvested in Bulgaria
  • We do not add artificial flavours. Rather seldom you will find added natural flavours like the Rosa Damascena precious oil
  • We develop our products together with tea experts
  • All of our teas are and will be caffeine free


All of our products are and will be inspired by the believe that Nature has all the answers!