Wellness Herbal Tea Set “Balance”

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Treat yourself with something nice or send it to your loved ones to surprise them.

This herbal tea set contains three herbal blends for balancing mind, body and soul, inspired by the ancient wisdom of Thracian nymphs to live in harmony with Nature. They are all natural and contain some of the most powerful Bulgarian herbs.
This tea set will help you to align your mind, body and soul into a vibrant, glowing sensation, so you can find balance and be able to achieve your highest self.

The self-care set contains four lovely products:

• Glowing body Tea, 30 gr - Dandelion herbal blend to soothe irritated stomach and detox the body
Ingredients: yellow yarrow, dandelion root, calendula, chamomile, peppermint

• Lucid Mind Tea, 30 gr - Mountain tea herbal blend to improve focus, concentration & memory
Ingredients: St. John's wort, mountain tea, blackberry leaf, pine tips

• Female Bliss Tea, 30 gr – Rose petals tea blend to balance hormones and relieve stress
Ingredients: dried rose buds, fig leaf, dried rose hip, licorice, Rosa Damascena oil

• Steel tea strainer

*For educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by any institution. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Brewing ritual:
Infuse 1 tsp. of the herbal blend in 250 ml boiling water for 3-5 min. Remove the loose tea and while letting the infusion cool a bit take in the aroma of the Thracian fields.

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