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by | Jan 13, 2019 | Our Magic Rituals

Words are the oldest magic known to mankind. They are so powerful that they are able to harm or heal depending on the intentions they are said with.

Ancient Thracians were well aware of the power of words and used it to shift their lives in the desired direction. Mainly women who honored nature and lived by its principles were able to evoke change in their lives by drawing strength from nature and using the power of words. This ancient ritual is still alive on the Thracian lands and it’s called ‘Narichane’. But we will tell you more about it in another post.

Here we will teach you how to use a little word magic in your life as well by using a magical word symbol a.k.a. a sigil.

Sigils are a wonderful and simple form of magic spells. These little enchanted symbols manifest  a specific desire and are coded with the unique power of the word(s) being used to express this desire. This makes them an incredibly direct and powerful spell.

There is no precise method for designing a sigil. The only important part is that you feel that the symbol has power when you are finished designing it. This could be applied either for a sentence or a single word. Here we are going to show you how to create your own sigil by showing you how we did it for our products and specifically for creating our logo.

Create your sigil

1. Pick a word (or sentence) that is important for you or represents something you want to attract in your life

This is the most important part, so take your time to think it well out. Let your intuition speak and think of a concise, clear, and positive definition of your desire that you want to manifest.

In our case this word was OMAYA, which translated from Bulgarian language means Enchantment, Charm, Spell. This is a powerful word, that embodies a state of great pleasure and delight – exactly what we want to bring to the modern women’s lives with our products.

As we wanted to be as close as it gets to the Thracian women, to their way of living and how they used to enchant everyone with their beauty and wild spirit besides the unique herbs we use for our herbal tea blends we also incorporated a little word magic into our brand logo.

2. Choose a language

This could be your mother tongue, some ancient language or any language you feel good about. This is an absolutely intuitive process, so don’t follow any rules but solely your intuition and what feels right for you.

The magic of words - Create a sigil 1

For us this was the Glagolitic script (Glagolitsa in Bulgarian). It’s the oldest known Slavic alphabet, which is said to be based  on a Slavic dialect of the people that used to live in the Thracian lands.

3. Write your word or sentence in the chosen language and use these letters as base symbols of your sigil
The magic of words - Create a sigil 2
4. Now starts the real magic!

Tune in the energy you want to manifest with your magic symbol. Feel how it comes from the depth of your soul. Then start arranging your letters into a single symbol. Play around with them as long as it takes until you really like your sigil. It doesn’t have to be perfect by any means. It could even not resemble exactly the base letters you have started with. The only important thing is that you like it, you feel it, and you know it is right to you.

Et voilà !

This is the finished symbol of our little magic of words that happens to be our brand logo. Special thanks to Fringe Media Lab for creating this magic for us! 

The magic of words - Create a sigil 3

Congrats! You just created your very own sigil using the magic of words!  Make sure to place it so it could see it daily. And make sure to use it wisely for doing good deeds!


  1. Luyimbaazi Samuel

    Let my try this magic can make achieve my goal. I shall let you know sooner

    • Omaya Herbs

      Please share how it works for you 🙂

  2. Cyn

    Thank you for your perfect guidance on designing sigils. You inspired me and I have made 5 already!


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