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Female Bliss Rose Petals Tea

Female Bliss Rose Petals Tea

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The rose - so delicate and strong, so exquisite and mystical, has been a symbol of femininity for centuries. It is one of the most beneficial herbs for women, because it reconnects us with with the beauty and love within us.

This precious flower is the heart of our herbal tea Female Bliss. that awakens and supports our femininity at the physical level by gently improving our hormonal balance. At the emotional level this herbal blend acts uplifting and relaxing. It helps us feel joyful in our bodies and blissful for being women. And it's taste and aroma are pure bliss for your senses.

Flavor profile: light and sweet with fruity notes

Ingredients: Dried rose buds, Fig leaves, Dried rose hip, Licorice, Rosa Damascena essential oil


Use 2 teaspoons of loose tea for one cup.
Fill your cup with hot water.
Let the tea steep for 3 to 5 minutes, depending on personal preference.
Add sweetener if you like
Breath in the aroma from the ancient Thracian fields and enjoy your cup of joy a.k.a. tea.

We believe that by keeping the balance between mind, body & soul we could achieve our highest potential and fulfill our deepest dreams. In our search for means to nurture this delicate balance, we turned to the ancient wisdom of our ancestors - the Thracian women and to their trusted all-around medicine - the herbs of our ancient land Bulgaria. That’s how we created our collection of herbal tea blends for balancing mind, body and soul, inspired by the Thracian women and their deep connection to nature.

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